National Team Selection for European Championship 2024 : Patterns and Pre-arranged free sparring

Dear GM, Masters, trainers and athletes

I am pleased to inform you about the selection for patterns and  pre-arranged free sparring of the ITF Belgian National Team for the  upcoming European Championship in Poland -Lublin next year (17-21  april).

After  careful evaluation and selection, the following athletes have been  chosen to represent our country at this prestigious tournament:

  • Sabum Hans Rombaut – senior male  pattern 4th to 6th degree and team pre-arranged sparring
  • Sabum Wim Vermeir – senior male pattern 4th-6th degree
  • Sabum Andreea Musca – senior female pattern 4th-6th degree and pre-arranged sparring
  • Boo-Sabum Alice Vrinat – senior female pattern 3rd degree
  • Boo-Sabum Rune Schuddinck- senior male pattern 1st degree
  • Boo-Sabum Helin Capa – junior female 1st degree
  • Boo-Sabum Lara Capa -junior female 1st degree

We  have full confidence in their ability to represent our country with honor and distinction in Poland. In preparation for the championship, multiple training sessions for the National Team members will be conducted.

We  look forward to a successful and inspiring representation of the ITF Belgian National Team at the European Championship. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the coaching team.

Congratulations  to those who have been selected. Please bear in mind that the  selection marks the commencement of an arduous journey ahead. The same  unwavering determination and commitment demonstrated during the selection process are expected in the months leading up to the European Championship.

For the one’s that missed this selection ,remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback. Keep pushing, stay dedicated, and let each day be an opportunity for improvement. Your time will come if you keep working hard.

Best regards,

Sabum Andreea

ITF Belgium coaching team