Vacant position in TUIC

Dear all,

Sabum Benito Martinez is leaving Belgium by the end of September. He is going to live in Spain.

He deserves a big thank you, for all those years of dedicated work in the Committee and as an (International) Umpire for Belgium ! We will miss him and his humour, but he will be visiting us a couple of times per year…

So now we have a vacant place for a new member in the TUIC:

  • We are looking for someone who is skilled in Umpiring and has a basic IT-knowledge.
  • Learning more IT-skills must be a motivation.
  • Interest in giving Umpire Courses is preferable.
  • Ambition for international career in Umpiring is likeable.
  • Knowledge of several languages is also a good characteristic.


You can send your motivated application to me via e-mail, we will discuss this in the TUIC, I may contact you for further discussion etc. … and then we do a proposal to the board for their final decision.

Kind Regards,

M Eddy,