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Master Virginia Dionisi invited in Argentina

Report by Agustina Correa, VI°degree, Federacion Misionera de Taekwon-Do

Master Virginia Dionisi, AETF Vice-President, was invited by the AIT (Academia Internacional de Taekwon-Do) of Misiones, led by Senior Master Carlos Méndez VIII Degree, to conduct a Master Class and participate in different activities.

On Saturday 5th March, the annual instructors meeting took place in Posadas, where more than 90 black belts from all over the province participated. Master Virginia shared her work experience on the development of Taekwon-Do in Europe, highlighting in this event the large number of women instructors present.

On Sunday 6th March Master Dionisi conducted a Class in support of two local institutions (the children’s home Sagrado Corazón, and the Fatima parish which carries out community work ). The Class was a celebration of Taekwon-Do, with a focus on the inclusion of practitioners in the broad sense of the concept. Children, juniors, adults, seniors, and practitioners with special capabilities from all grades were present. More than 80 participants from all over the province of different ages and categories enjoyed this special day. It was a success, despite the weather conditions that forced the organisers to change the venue at the last minute.

On Thursday 10thMarch the Honourable City Council of Posadas, through its representative Facundo López Sartori, declared of municipal interest the Class and the visit of Master Dionisi, who was honoured and received an award at the end of the institution’s session.


News on committees

There were some vacant places in committees ITF-Belgium. This was announced on the GA of January, meanwhile some of those positions have been taken.

We are glad to announce that since now, the PR Committee is existing of 2 members, Tabitha Van Lierde and Juan Martinez. There are also some changes in the coaching team, with Nicolas Taylor becoming the head coach.

Vacant positions: coach special techniques and (assistant)-coach tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring.


AETF Committees

During the European Championships in Spain, November 2021, at the annual Congress Meeting, elections (4 yearly) for the AETF Board and the Revisory Committee were being held. Master Virginia Dionisi was elected as vice-president, GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was re-elected as chairperson of the Revisory Committee.

The newly elected AETF Board held its board meeting in Poland, January 15th. During this meeting the members of existing and new established AETF committees were elected. GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was re-elected as chairperson of the AETF Revisory Committee, Master Annick Van Driessche was elected as chairperson of the AETF Women Committee and Benito Martinez was elected as member of the Inclusion Committee.

With this, members of ITF-Belgium are involved in both the Board ITF as AETF and committees of both federations.


ITF Congress Meeting 2021

Saturday December 18th

The ITF members countries and responsables gathered, for the second year in a row through the Zoom platform, for the General Assembly 2021 to take some important decisions, to get an update, to listen to what happened in 2021 and to get a view on the plans for 2022. Also GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen and Master Annick Van Driessche were present, as resp. chairman of the ITF Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and as ITF Board Member, but also as representants of ITF-Belgium.

The meeting went smoothly and took 2h15.