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Logo contest 30 th anniversary ITF-Belgium

In 2020 ITF-Belgium is celebratings its 30th anniversary.

In a logo contest the members could create a logo that will be used during this special year. Today we can announce the winner, with 9 points: Tabitha Van Lierde. Her reward: a Mighty Fist Matrix dobok.

The first 3 logo’s ended very closely, with 8 points (Jef Gerits) and 7 points (Helmut Claus) being on the heels of the winner.

Many thanks to all participants for being so creative and sending in their logo.


Contest 30th anniversary ITF-Belgium

In 2020 ITF-Belgium will exist for 30 years (1990-2020). To celebrate this we’re having a contest open to all members ITF-Belgium: design a logo for this celebration. The logo will not replace the existing logo, but it will be used together with this image, on the website, on publications and so on.

Designs can be send to December 31st 2019 latest. The logo will be presented at the Annual Congress Meeting of January 19th 2020. The winner will be notified afterwards. He/she will receive a Mighty Fist Matrix dobok.

Note: in 2020 also the 65th anniversary of the name Taekwon-Do will be celebrated.


Working for ITF

One of the first issues the new ITF Board had to handle after the elections of April 2019 was the establishment of the ITF Standing Committees.

In September, during the Board Meeting, GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was appointed as chairman of the newly established Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee. After he has been composing his team, and after the approval of the Board mid October, the committee is ready to work.

The Board also approved the candidature and designation of Master Virginia Dionisi as member of the Disciplinary Committee. Also this committee is now ready to start working for the ITF members.

ITF-Belgium is well represented in the ITF, with a Board Member and 2 Committee Members along its members.


European Week of Sports 2019

September 23rd-29th


For the European Week of Sports some European ITF Taekwon-Do schools/clubs are launching -at the same moment- a movie about girls and women in Taekwon-Do: Ge-Baek (Lokeren, Belgium), Ssung Zsang (Groningen, The Netherlands), Total Taekwon-Do (London, England) & Taekwon-Do Tigers (Tampere, Finland). With this movie the clubs want to focus on gender equality, showing the importance of having female practitioners in Taekwon-Do by putting them into the spotlights for a moment.