Coach Developer Course

Report by Nicolas Taylor, Head National Coach & Chair of the Coach Developer Committee:

I traveled to Cork, Ireland on March 2nd and 3rd as part of a follow-up initiative related to my certification in Coach Sport Developer and my role as a member of the Coach Development Committee in Belgium. The primary objective of the visit was to gain insight and inspiration from established coaching programs in order to enhance and develop coaching initiatives in Belgium.

The program focused on providing an introduction to coaching, with specific emphasis on developing basic coaching skills, raising awareness of the coaching process, and concentrating on working with beginners and children.

The course comprised both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical segments covered topics such as the role of the coach, coaching the whole child, and effective warm-up techniques. These sessions provided a foundational understanding of coaching principles and strategies.

The practical sessions constituted the main portion of the program, wherein participants were tasked with applying their coaching skills in simulated scenarios, focusing on aspects like sparring and fundamental movements. As a coach developer in training, I had the opportunity to collaborate with experienced coach developers, namely Master Byrne and Master Barry, in supporting and guiding participants through these practical exercises. As well as with Bosabum Breandan who has been following with me the Coach Development Certificate last year in June.

The experience in Cork provided valuable insights into the implementation of coaching programs. Witnessing firsthand how these methodologies were put into practice was enlightening, and I personally gained new perspectives that I believe will enhance my coaching approach. The collaborative environment fostered rich learning experiences, not only for the participants but also for myself as a coach and coach developer. Moving forward, the challenge lies in adapting and implementing similar coaching frameworks within the context of Belgium.

Bo Sabum Nicolas Taylor

Hosinsul seminar at the beach

Ostend, Saturday July 1st

Report by Nico Tunyck, chairman of the ITF-Belgium hosinsul committee:

According to annual custom we closed the hosinsul season with a beach training. Despite a whole month of good weather, it let us down this weekend. The meeting in Ostend got off to a hesitant and doubtful start… some participants even started off a bit grumpy, but after a decent warm-up the atmosphere started to come in… Some games, introduction of combatives, protecting a loved one in confrontation and stress training on the loose sand and in the water… a lot was discussed…

Finally the sun came through and judging by the smiling faces, the absentees had been proven wrong… next year the same appointment with new exercises, new techniques and new games, but the same atmosphere!

Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day

Jambes, June 4th

The yearly Day of Taekwon-Do took place in Jambes, with 77 participants and 15 instructors. The participants could choose 3 different workshops among a selection of 18, both practical and theoretical sessions in all different aspects of Taekwon-Do, according to age and grade.

The workshops were conducted by some of the best instructors of ITF-Belgium, with the help of some of the committees.

After the 3 hour seminar, there was still a meeting of the ITF-Belgium president with the national coaches, and also the TUIC had a meeting.

Hosinsul course in Sint-Lievens-Houtem

On Sunday April 23rd from 10:00 till 13:00 , the hosinsul committee was invited by Hodori to teach the whole kupexam curriculum.  Sabum Nico Tunyck and boosabum Jurgen Van Rossem guided everybody through all the techniques that are most commonly used in ITF-Belgium schools. With 33 participants, the atmosphere was nice and fun..  Four clubs were represented: Taekwon-Do Club Gent, Chon-Ji, Hodori and Ge-Baek.  Our special guest was master Eddy Van Damme who is always enthusiastic to participate in such events.