Examinators kupgradings

ITF Vlaanderen
Master Annick Van Driessche VII° degree
Mr. Eddy Van Damme VI°degree
Region West-Vlaanderen
Mr. Yves Pollefeyt VI°degree
Mr. Tom Van De Sijpe IV°degree
Brussels region
Master Virginia Dionisi VII°degree
ITF Wallonie
Mr. Patrick Crevecoeur V°degree
Mr. Stefan Hendrickx IV°degree
Mr. Benito Martinez IV°degree

Examinators for dan- & kupgradings are appointed by the technical director. They are at least IV°degree & International Instructor, have an appropriate teaching license, national license, insurance and are willing to participate at IIC and NIC’s on a regular basis.

Rules & regulations dan- and kupgradings, program and prices

Dangradings (see Dangradings Committee)