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Webinar on nutrition

September 27, 2022

Dear GrandMaster, Masters and instructors,

With the aim to professionalize our athletes we are organizing some specific seminars/workshops in the upcoming months.

It's aimed for all instructors, coaches and (future) competitors (not only members of the national team).

The first topic will be concerning nutrition and losing weight in a proper and healthy way, giving an insight on how the body and its mechanisms work.

In the past, we have noticed that the alimentation of some competitors or the cut of weight wasn't always optimal.

It will be conducted by Sabum Bob Wigman and will take place online on Tuesday 27th of September at 19.30.

Afterwards, the idea will be to organize a workshop that would be more practical (define a goal, logging the progress,...), which would allow people to experience what has been said.

We strongly believe that a lot of persons could benefit from this seminar and we hope to see many of you!

Please share this e-mail with your students, both (future) competitors and instructors.

We are requesting people to register to this seminar. I would appreciate if the school owners could gather all the inscriptions from their club and send it to me. The link to the zoom seminar will be provider later on!

Best regards

Boo Sabum Nicolas,

Head Coach

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Posted by Annick Van Driessche

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