Seminar with Marcelo Bordiez

marceloITF Brussels (Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Boosabum Gonzalo Escribano Tejerina and some of their members like e.g. Pablo Pascuzzo, Martin Behar, Benito Martinez, Daniel Kampff and others) organized a seminar in Ottignies on June 6th with Sabum Marcelo Bordiez, V°degree, one of the coaches of the national team of Argentina and Sabum Ivan Altinier, V°degree, one of the members of the technical committee of Argentina.
They were accompagnied by three juniors of the Argentinean team: Melissa Altinier, Aldana Bordiez & Leandor Soto.

For nearly 2 years ITF Brussels was trying to have a seminar with these instructors in Belgium, and now finally they succeeded. The group was on the way back from the World Championships in Italy (May 27th-31st).

The seminar was a great experience, the exercises were very good, the explanation of the instructors was informative, but especially the way of teaching and motivating practitioners was inspiring.

The morning session was open to juniors and seniors.
Before the start the instructors were introduced, and they received some presents : Belgian chocolates and some souvenirs of ITF-Belgium.

After the warming-up the participants had sparring exercises, and for every exercise there was the explanation on why it was done this way. The session took 2,5 hours.

The afternoon session, after lunch break, was also open to children from 10 years on.
There was some time to take pictures, followed by warming-up and exercises on balance and giving kicks in the correct way. The physical part of the seminar ended with some exercises on pads, and sparring exercises.
The last 15 minutes the participants could ask questions, which the instructors answered very honestly.
The afternoon session lasted 3 hours.

Sabums Bordiez and Altinier were quite impressed by one of the participants, Maxime Regnard, 9°kup, who was doing all exercises and who’s really motivated, although he has some physical disabilities. They gave Maxime some presents, which he really appreciated.
All participants really enjoyed the seminar and the personality of the instructors.
Right after the class the group was heading to the Railway station of Brussels, taking the train to Paris airport Charles De Gaulle, to take the plane back to Buenos Aires.


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