Polish Winter Camp

Report by Nicolas Taylor, student of Samjok-O:

Here is my summary from the Winter Camp.
Back again in Poland for my second Winter Camp. I went again after discussing with friends from abroad and we decided to meet there. As previously, the organization was very good and transfer is organized between Katowice airport and Szczryk.
There were 2 training per day. Although you can decide to skip the morning training and go for skiing instead. This year, contrary to last year, I used that option and took the opportunity to learn snowboarding. It was quite nice.
Most of the training were directed by Master Jedut and were more sparring oriented.
In the evening, there was the possibility to train by yourself or asking for a consultation. Even if the Masters were not always available, you can find easily people ready to help you when you’re practicing your patterns.
Winter Camp is more relaxed than Summer Camp but it’s a nice way to spend holidays. It is also a great opportunity to train with different people and learn new things. Last but not least, it allows to see your Taekwon-do friends.
More likely, next year will be my 3rd time.

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