ITF Congress Meeting & Elections

September 5th ITF had its Congress Meeting and General Assembly 2023 during the World Championships in Tampere, Finland.

Four years had passed since the previous elections for the Board, and so there were elections for the new ITF Board. After 4 years as a Board Member Master Annick Van Driessche was re-elected for a next term, but now as VicePresident, so member of the ITF Exective Committee.

GrandMaster Paul Weiler will have another term as President, With GrandMaster Clint Norman as Senior VicePresident and Master Leonardo Oros Duek as Treasurer. Master Tadeusz Loboda is appointed as Secretary-General. Elected as Members-at-Large: Master Philip Lear, Martina Lendarthova, Master Mark Banicevich, Cosmin Oprescu and Master Luis Gato-Gato.

At the Congress 57 countries were represented, with a total of 124 votes. ITF-Belgium was represented by Master Virginia Dionisi, while GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen was both representing the ARCC, as chair, and representing ITF Luxemburg with a proxy.