Tafisa World Congress

Just as in 2022 Master Annick Van Driessche is representing the International Taekwon-Do Federation during the yearly Tafisa World Congress, this time being organised in Germany, Düsseldorf November 1st-5th.

Tafisa is the organisation uniting international and national sports organisations, ngo’s, universities etc. under the motto ‘Sports for All’; ITF is one of the international member organisations.

November 1st one of the most important (for ITF) events took place, the 2nd Meeting with International Federations. It’s an ideal moment for networking, to get in contact with other sports organisations, but it’s also a forum to hear how other organisations deal with issues, to address certain common problems, to hear what new things are available etc.

During the next days there will be more possibilities to get in contact with other organisations, there will be more events like e.g. workshops and plenary sessions, and on November 3rd the Tafisa General Assembly will take place, where ITF is one of the members with voting rights.