Belgian Championships 2021

The 31st Belgian Championships, on the calendar for February 2021, had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The new date was set on November 14th.

Although the circumstances and the preparations were difficult, and a lot of measures had to be set (like e.g. CST, face masks and so on) the TUC and the organizing school Samjok-O managed to have a fantastic BC with most of the affiliated clubs present. Over 145 competitors, a lot of coaches and enough umpires to work constantly on 4 rings … the numbers were still quite high.

In March ITF-Belgium had already organized the e-BC in tul, so on this championship there was no competition in this discipline. However, there were events in teamtul, pre-arranged sparring, kids sparring, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and team sparring.

All results can be found on Sportsdata: click here.

The 32nd BC is scheduled for February 22nd 2022.

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Final results of the e-Belgian Championships

February 26th-March 10th

The first ever e-Belgian Championships tul have come to an end, the final results are known: click here.

It was a nice experience, the 98 competitors (competing in 15 categories), 20 referees and all instructors and coaches involved gained a very nice experience. Many thanks to the ITF-Belgium TUC for the organization of the event. ITF-Belgium can be proud of the achievement!

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Start of the first ITF-Belgium e-Belgian Championships tul

Friday February 26th the e-Belgian Championships are starting with an online umpire meeting and a short briefing. As from now on, the first movies are uploaded and the tournament is proceeding until March 10th with 98 competitors in 15 categories and with 20 referees and the members of the TUC.

Good luck to all members involved: learn, gain experience and above all… enjoy!

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30th Belgian Championships

Lokeren, Sunday February 16th 2020

On the 30th edition of the ITF Taekwon-Do Belgian Championships a new record was set: 303 participants competed in 88 categories, in individual as well as team events for both coloured and black belts. The championship was open to kids 3-7, youth 8-13, juniors and seniors.

All results can be found through Sportsdata.

Celebrate 30 years of ITF-Belgium & celebrate 65 years of Taekwon-Do.
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30th Belgian Championships

For the 30th Belgian Championships ITF Taekwon-Do, Sunday February 16th in Lokeren, 303 participants are subscribed. A new record has been set!

To make sure everything runs smoothly and the event can start in time, we’d like to ask all participants, coaches and umpires to arrive in time at the venue. Registration and weigh-in will be open as from 8.00 on, earlier is even possible if some schools arrive before that moment.

Wishing everyone involved the best of luck!

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