34th Belgian Championships

The 2024 Belgian Championships were organized by Taekwon-Do Club Gent and the ITF-Belgium TUIC in venue Tolhuis in Ghent. Almost 300 individual competitors and 18 teams were subscribed,  accompanied by a huge amount of referees and coaches. The competition was open to all members ITF-Belgium as from 3 years on, white, coloured as well as black belts, with categories for kids, youth, pre-junior, junior and senior in tul, teamtul, special techniques, power breaking, pre-arranged free sparring, sparring and team sparring.

Thanks to the instructors, members and volunteers of the organizing club and the TUIC it was one of the best Belgian Championships ever. Above this everyone involved made sure the level of the competition was very high, and the atmosphere and spirit, the enthusiasm were great.

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Belgian Championships 2023

The 2023 Belgian Championships took place on Sunday March 12th in Lago Rozebroeken in Sint-Amandsberg, in an organisation of Taekwon-Do Club Gent and the ITF-Belgium TUIC. For the 4th year in a row the record in number of participants was broken, this year 321 members ITF-Belgium competed in kids sparring, sparring, tul, teamtul, special technics and power breaking. There was competition for kids, youth, junior and senior, white, coloured and black belts. With regards to the organizers, the TUIC, the numerous referees and coaches it became a fantastic day.

All results can be found on Sportsdata: click here.

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32nd Belgian Championships

Jambes, Centre Sportif Adeps La Mosane – October 30th 2022

Due to the pandemic the 32nd BC was postponed to this Sunday late October, but no problem… all were eager to compete for the national titles.

With 216 competitors (416 entries), 13 teams, 14 participating clubs, 47 coaches, 42 referees and a lot of supporters this BC was a real succes. This also thanks to the hard work of the ITF-Belgium TUIC and the organizing school Bushido.

There was competition for kids, youth, juniors and seniors in tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring, special techniques, power breaking, kids sparring, sparring and teamsparring.

For all results, check Sportsdata: click here.

Next appointment: March 12th 2023, Sint-Amandsberg.

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