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Dan gradings

Sunday March 18th the first dan gradings of 2018 were being held in Lokeren: 9 candidates were promoted to a higher degree:

  • Roeland Heirbaut (Ge-Baek) II°degree
  • Arnaud Verschelde (Hodori) II°degree
  • Kevin Vlaeminck (Hodori) II°degree
  • Arthur Delhaye (Bushido) I°degree
  • Omar El Ferkhani (ITF Brussels) I°degree
  • Lisa Ghijsens (Ge-Baek) I°degree
  • Matteo Preys (So-San) I°degree
  • Abdel Saki (Bushido) I°degree
  • Alice Vrinat (ITF-Brussels) I°degree

Grading VII°degree

On December 10th in Dortmund, Germany Annick Van Driessche was promoted to Master VII°degree, under guidance of Grandmaster Kim Ung Lan and GrandMaster Rolf Becking.

The grading consisted of tul (Tong-il, So-san, Yon-gae and Eui-am), sambo, ibo & ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, 3 breaking techniques and a theoretical part (which took about 40 minutes). Annick did her grading together with Nigel Stobie (Ireland), who was also succesfully promoted to Master.



Promotions ITF-Belgium

Dangradings, Sunday September 17th, Lokeren

Were succesfully promoted to a higher degree:


  • Erika Knihti-Van Driessche (Ge-Baek)
  • Wim Vermandere (Ge-Baek)


  • Nico Tunyck (Chon-ji)
  • Nico Van Linter (Chon-ji)


  • Davy Van Asselt (Hodori)
  • Jan Lauwereins (So-San)
  • Anke Bastiaensen (Won-hyo)


  • Milan Burms (Chon-ji)
  • Glenn Maes (Chon-ji)
  • Anneleen Heirbaut (Ge-Baek)
  • Marco Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne ITF Taekwon-Do)
  • Kurt Roelandt (So-San)
  • Claude Duyck (So-San)