Grading 4th degree

Lokeren, May 14th 2022

On Saturday May 14th Esther Meulemeester (Ge-Baek) graded for 4th degree. Examiner was GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen.

The grading consisted of tuls (Sam-il, Yoo-sin, Choi-yong and Po-eun), sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.

Dan gradings ITF-Belgium

Lokeren, Sunday March 13th 2022

Promoted to III°degree:

  • Bewa Jérémie (Bushido)
  • Bewa Terrence (Bushido)
  • Pollefeyt Margaux (So-San)

Promoted to II°degree:

  • Bewa Heidi (Bushido)
  • Boghaert Pieter (Chon-ji)
  • Burms Milan (Chon-ji)
  • Besonhé Corentin (Taekwon-Do Fight Smart)
  • Saki Abdelmalek (Bushido)
  • Saki Hiba (Bushido)
  • Yang Yang (Ge-Baek)

Promoted to I°degree:

  • Bennani Rayan (Taekwon-Do Club Gent)
  • Henri François (Bushido)
  • Geerinck Jessica (So-San)
  • Detal Nicola (Bushido)
  • Ourkiya Amina (Bushido)
  • Ourkiya Asmae (Bushido)
  • Van Rossem Noor (Chon-ji)

Master promotion in Scotland

GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen has been invited by the Scottish federation to conduct, together with Honorably GrandMaster Tom MacCallum, a Master promotion in Livingston, near Edinburgh. Three candidates VII° degree will present themselves for both GrandMasters on Saturday December 11th.

Dangradings ITF-Belgium

Sunday, October 3rd 2021

Congratulations to the newly promoted candidates:

  • Davy Van Asselt III°degree, Hodori
  • Arnaud Verschelde III°degree, Hodori
  • Kevin Vlaeminck III°degree, Hodori
  • Costel Grigoras II°degree, Red Force
  • Walid Harrouch II°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Nick De Schrijver I°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Rahimshah Ghafori I°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Altan Rinchinov I°degree, Taekwon-Do Club Gent
  • Ruben Sergeant I°degree, Hodori
  • Bernd Van Bouwel I°degree, Ge-Baek

Host for international Master promotion

Saturday July 17th ITF-Belgium will be hosting an international dan grading again. In the dojang of Ge-Baek a Master promotion will take place for 3 candidates of The Netherlands under the guidance of GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen and GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim (Germany).

Good luck to the candidates!