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Dangradings ITF-Belgium

Sunday, October 3rd 2021

Congratulations to the newly promoted candidates:

  • Davy Van Asselt III°degree, Hodori
  • Arnaud Verschelde III°degree, Hodori
  • Kevin Vlaeminck III°degree, Hodori
  • Costel Grigoras II°degree, Red Force
  • Walid Harrouch II°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Nick De Schrijver I°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Rahimshah Ghafori I°degree, Ge-Baek
  • Altan Rinchinov I°degree, Taekwon-Do Club Gent
  • Ruben Sergeant I°degree, Hodori
  • Bernd Van Bouwel I°degree, Ge-Baek

Dangradings IV°degree and above

March 6th 2021

Under special circumstances, due to the restrictions and measures for Covid-19 (outdoor, with a schedule so all candidates came separately and only 4 persons at the time were together), 4 canddidates did grading for IV°degree and above on this Saturday morning.

The level of the grading was very high, the candidates were motivated to show their capacitities. Results:

  • Patrick Crevecoeur: VI°degree
  • Andreea Musca: V°degree
  • Erik Van Hoeck: IV°degree
  • Nico Tunyck: IV°degree



Dan gradings ITF-Belgium

Lokeren, October 25th 2020

The level of the dan gradings was very high, so we’re proud to announce the new degrees of the candidates:

  • III°degree: Serkan Hasan (Ge-Baek)
  • II°degree: Damir Abdulin (Ge-Baek), Henri Mwamba (Ge-Baek), Matteo Preys (So-San), Tabitha Van Lierde (Ge-Baek)
  • I°degree: Stiene Bunneghem (Hodori), Sienna Hendrickx (Hodori), Nikki Longeval (Hodori), Morgane Pollefeyt (So-San), Xena Van Asselt (Hodori)

Master promotion

Lokeren, August 22nd 2020

On Saturday August 22nd Eddy Van Damme did grading for Master 7th degree, under guidance of GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim and GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen. Also Lylian Doulay (France) was promoted to Master during this grading.

The grading consisted of 4 patterns, sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.

ITF-Belgium is very proud to have another Master in Belgium. Congratulations!