European Cup 2023

Report by Benito Martinez: Belgium  at the 12th Europen Cup 2023, Lublin

On the weekend of June 15-18 2023 a representation of ITF-Belgium participated at the 12th junior and senior European Cup in Lublin, Poland: Juan Martinez (Hwarang) and Soukeina Moulinea (ITF Brussels) as competitors, from Samjok-O Marine Goubau (coach/supporter) and Sabum Benito Martinez (coach/official).

Juan Martinez won the bronze medal in advanced seniors tul and Soukeina participated in tul and sparring with a very good performance in both disciplines. We enjoyed the competition in a very good team spirit, positive energy and lots of learning for everyone of us.



Holland Cup 2023

Pijnacker, The Netherlands June 3rd

Results members ITF-Belgium

  • Wim Vermeir bronze tul
  • Tomas Chacon Torrealba silver tul
  • Rahim Ghafori silver sparring, bronze tul
  • Alyssa Mbala gold sparring
  • Feriel Teskrat gold tul, bronze sparring
  • Marine Goubeau silver tul
  • Nand Meire bronze sparring
  • Cosmin Ungureanu gold sparring
  • Sona Say gold sparring
  • Moussa Traore silver tul, silver sparring
  • Imad El Ammani silver sparring, bronze tul

Open Dutch Championships 2023

January 28th 2023

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Andreea Musca: gold tul
  • Tomas Chacon Torrealba: silver tul
  • Laura Mouret: silver sparring
  • Sakina Khajou: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Alyssa Mbala: silver sparring
  • Helin Capa: bronze sparring
  • Nand Meire: gold sparring
  • Sona Say: silver sparring
  • Laetissa Matton: bronze sparring
  • Rawen Mejri: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Zümrüt Abdulrassol: silver tul & bronze sparring
  • Feriel Teskrat: silver sparring

ITF World Cup

Koper, Slovenia October 2nd-9th 2022

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Results ITF-Belgium:

  • Tomas Chacon Torrealba: bronze senior tul II degree
  • Juan Martinez: gold advanced senior tul I degree
  • Nicolas Taylor: silver advanced senior tul I degree
  • Hans Van Lierde: silver veteran power breaking
  • Feriel Teskrat: bronze senior tul coloured belts  and silver senior sparring coloured belts
  • Alyssa Mbala: silver senior sparring coloured belts
  • Nicolas Vertroost: bronze advanced sparring coloured belts and gold advanced senior special techniques