Holland Cup

Instructors and students of different clubs ITF-Belgium participated at the Holland Cup in Pijnacker, The Netherlands June 1st.


  • Driss El Hmoud: gold sparring
  • Vladimir Kim: silver sparring
  • Rahim Ghafori: bronze tul
  • Vince Rombaut: bronze sparring
  • Ann-Sophia Verstraete: gold tul, silver sparring
  • Imad El Ammani: gold tul, gold sparring
  • Cosmin Ungureanu: silver tul, silver sparring
  • Mathilde Holten: gold sparring, bronze tul
  • Adelina Ciobanu: gold tul
  • Kelly De Prijcker: silver tul
  • Marine Krischer: bronze tul, bronze sparring
  • Rudi Heirman: bronze sparring
  • Chloe Siebesma: silver sparring
  • Irina Hauser: silver sparring

Open German Championships

Saturday March 23rd 2024

The representation of ITF-Belgium consisted of 2 competitors, Hans Rombaut (BBMA) and Alice Vrinat (ITF Brussels) and one umpire, Sophie Ardenoy (Ge-Baek).


  • Hans Rombaut: gold tul male IV°-VI° degree
  • Alice Vrinat: silver tul female III° degree

Open Dutch Championships 2024

Helmond, The Netherlands Saturday January 27th

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Hans Rombaut: gold tul
  • Andreea Musca: bronze tul
  • Terence Bewa: silver sparring
  • Altan Rinchinov: silver sparring
  • Rahim Ghafori: bronze sparring
  • Enya Crevecoeur: silver sparring
  • Yoenn Vertroost: silver sparring
  • Souleymane Akajouaa: bronze sparring
  • Hugo Tshiala de Wouters: silver sparring
  • Nelson Van den Bogaert: gold sparring
  • Mathias Lecompte: bronze sparring
  • Cosmin Ungureanu: bronze tul
  • Moussa Traore: bronze tul
  • Amal Aden: bronze tul & bronze sparring
  • Chloe Siebesma: silver sparring
  • Laetissa Matton: gold tul & gold sparring
  • Adelina Ciobanu: silver tul & silver sparring
  • Aleksandra Palkova: silver sparring & bronze tul
  • Anouk Ampe: gold sparring
  • Ilona Collas: bronze sparring
  • Rudi Heirman: gold sparring
  • Milan Michiels: bronze sparring
  • Diëgo Van Hooste: bronze sparring
  • Enzo Ghisoni: bronze sparring

Open INTA Championships

Dublin, Ireland October 21st


  • Driss El-Hmoud: gold sparring
  • Axel Vincke: gold sparring
  • Tyra Ragnar Keppler: silver sparring
  • Glenn Maes: bronze sparring

Report by Nico Tunyck:

After a long time, Chon-ji has once again decided to participate in a championship in Ireland. Arriving in Dublin, we were able to discover the city in a beautiful sun. The next day we had a visit from the foothills of storm Babet, which meant we spent longer than expected in the gym to prepare ourselves even better. A little afternoon walk and a very light meal for some, as there were no scales in the entire hotel. Saturday morning the time had come. by taxi to one of the largest sports halls Ireland (and Belgium) has to offer. After a warm welcome, a successful weigh-in and a coach and referee meeting later, we were able to start hard. We started with red belt junior pattern, where we couldn’t have gotten a worse draw. Tyra straight out against the gold medal winner, Ragnar in the second round against the silver medalist. At almost the same time Axel starts his sparring blue belt junior. He takes gold as a relaxing solution. Immediately change clothes to be able to coach, because it was immediately up to Tyra to spar again. After some heavy attacking, Tyra won the silver medal after a split decision.

Immediately afterwards, Glenn was allowed to compete in the black belts sparring against a member of the national teamof Ireland. After a good fight between the two, the opponent appeared to outsmart Glenn a number of times by being able to assess him more quickly and ultimately won Glenn bronze. Driss came immediately afterwards and fought two very nice rounds against a strong opponent, but was able to dominate him after all the experience he had gained in the past. That’s how he got gold. Thanks to coach Ragnar.

Meanwhile, ring 1 was ahead of schedule with Sabum Nico as center referee. We took over some groups from other rings there. In the evening another festive meal after the achievements and back home in the early, very early morning… What an experience! Great achievements and being able to make new friends…

Hopefully see you back next year Ireland!

Battle of the Lowlands

The Netherlands, October 14th

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Vermeir Wim: silver tul
  • Ghafori Rahim: silver tul, bronze sparring
  • Debowska Zuzanna: bronze power breaking
  • Mejri Roudayna: bronze tul
  • Siebesma Chloe: gold tul, bronze sparring, bronze special technics
  • Van Den Bogaert Nelson: silver tul, silver sparring, bronze special technics
  • Ersahin Melike: silver tul
  • Hunt Tristan: bronze tul
  • Boyens Maximilien: gold tul, bronze sparring
  • El Ammari Imad: gold tul, gold sparring
  • Van Den Bogaert Frances: silver tul, silver special technics
  • Matton Cédric: silver sparring
  • Ungureannu Cosmin: gold sparring
  • Rinchinov Altan: silver sparring
  • Capa Lara: silver special technics
  • Matton Laetissa: silver special technics
  • Capa Helin: bronze power breaking
  • Gatobigio Luca: gold sparring
  • Goubeau Marine: bronze sparring