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International Instructors Course Andorra

December 10th-12th

For the first time ever an IIC is being organised in Andorra. Together with this IIC also an IAC and an IKC are being held. From ITF-Belgium, Master Virginia Dionisi, Andreea Musca, Laura Mouret and Marco Gaspar are taking part in the event.

Master Virginia has been invited by the chairman of the ITF Technical Committee, GrandMaster Hector Marano, to conduct classes during the IIC, as special guest. This is an honour, not only for herself, but to the whole belgian federation.


ITF Course for women around the world

On October 30th 2021 through the Zoom platform, organized by the ITF Women’s Committee, a special course in which GrandMaster Hector Marano (chairman of the ITF Technical Committee) corrected, taught and gave details of 3 patterns to many women around the world. The course took 2,5 hours.

The registration number exceeded 250 women worldwide. However, at the time of the course there were 160 cameras on, this was due to many clubs that provided their facilities to groups of women who gathered together to share and learn from GrandMaster Marano.

The 3 patterns were demonstrated by 3 different women from around the world. The tul Ge-Baek was shown by Andreea Musca, a big honour for herself and for our country. During the whole event the translation from English to Spanish and vice versa was done by Master Virginia Dionisi.

There were participants from 30 different countries, from different continents. Amongst them also some belgian members. Besides the members of the ITF Women Committee, also the ITF President, GrandMaster Paul Weiler, attended the course.


Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day 2021

Jambes, Sunday October 24th

On this edition we could welcome 137 participants and 13 instructors from 14 different affiliated clubs. Participants (white, coloured and black belts) as from 8 years on could choose 4 different workshops of 45 minutes each out of 22 workshops, while the kids 3-7 years had a specific Kids Day with 2 workshops.

Classes in different topics were conducted by GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen, Master Annick Van Driessche, Master Virginia Dionisi, Master Eddy Van Damme, Yves Pollefeyt, Patrick Crevecoeur, Hans Rombaut, Bob Wigman, Wim Vermandere, Nico Tunyck, Esther Meulemeester, Jan Lauwereins and Kevin Vlaeminck. Groups were made according to age and/or grade.


Online National Instructors Course

The second online National Instructors Course for black belts, instructors and assistant-instructors ITF-Belgium, was held Sunday morning June 20th. On the program: tuls Won-hyo and Eui-am: fundamental movements and details from these tuls, and the patterns in detail on count and in the own pace. In the end there was time for a Q&A, on both tuls, but also on other patterns or disciplines of Taekwon-Do.

All of the participants did a great effort, and enjoyed spending some time together… but still we made the promise, as the numbers in the pandemic are going in the good direction, to have the next NIC in the dojang, September 5th!