World Championships 2019

Inzell, Germany April 23rd-28th

The belgian team performed very well at the ITF Taekwon-Do WC. The performances were very well, the level was high. Some made it to the second, third and 4th rounds, just missing out the medals, but each one of the athletes competed with the right motivation, spirit and enthousiasm and behaved the same way outside of the ring. ITF-Belgium can be very proud of this generation!

Many thanks to the coaches, umpires and officials. Also a big thank you to our sponsors, Mighty Fist and FROS.

On the ITF Congress Meeting, Sunday 28th April, Master Annick Van Driessche was elected as Board Member of the ITF Board of Directors, with GrandMaster Paul Weiler as newly elected President of the ITF for the next 4 years.


WC2019: competition schedule Belgium

Monday April 22nd: arrival of the Belgian team in Inzell & registration

Tuesday April 23rd:

  • Weigh-in & accreditation: 12.22h
  • Training
  • Coach- & umpiremeeting
  • Opening ceremony: 20.00h

Livestream: click here.

Wednesday April 24th AM:

  • Arthur, tul, ring 2
  • Arthur, special techniques, ring 8
  • Tabitha, tul, ring 5
  • Lisa, tul, ring 5
  • Hans, power breaking, ring 9
  • Tomas, power breaking, ring 9
  • Laura, tul, ring 7
  • Leen, tul, ring 7
  • Andreea, tul, ring 1
  • Anthony, tul, ring 4
  • Roeland, tul, ring 7
  • Tomas, tul, ring 7

Wednesday April 24th PM: Esther, power breaking, ring 9

Thursday April 25th AM:

  • Andreea, sparring, ring 6
  • Lisa, sparring, ring 7

Thursday April 25th PM:

  • Arthur, sparring, ring 3
  • Terence, sparring, ring 6
  • Erik, sparring, ring 5

Friday April 26th AM:

  • Tomas, sparring, ring 1
  • Roeland, sparring, ring 2
  • Vladimir, sparring, ring 3
  • Omar, sparring, ring 4
  • Roeland, special techniques, ring 8
  • Anthony, sparring, ring 7

Friday April 26th PM:

  • Andreea + Leen, pre-arranged sparring, ring 6
  • Tabitha, power breaking, ring 9
  • Esther, sparring, ring 7
  • Pablo, sparring, ring 4

Saturday April 27th AM: team sparring on ring 2, team power breaking on ring 7-8-9.

Sunday April 28th, 9.00, ITF Congress Meeting


Squad training WC 2019

Sunday 7th April the belgian team had a last squad training before departure to the WC2019 in Inzell. In Woluwe, between 13.00 and 16.00, the team members trained hard, but in a very good atmosphere.

The belgian delegation will travel to Inzell on Monday April 22nd. On April 23rd there’s the registration & weigh-in, coach meeting, umpire meeting and opening ceremony, the competition starts on April 24th and will last untill April 27th.

Keep updated on this website or on the Facebook pages.

Many thanks to the sponsors Mighty Fist and FROS.