Celebration of champions ITF Taekwon-Do

Each year every town and city in Belgium is celebrating the sport champions of their community, at the end of the year or the beginning of the next year. At this point there are celebrations for the athletes that won the national title in their sport, and there’re elections for best male and female athlete and best sports club of the city. In most cities with a Taekwon-Do gym our members get recognition for what they achieved.

Brussels is one of the last cities to have this celebration. Alice Vrinat, student of ITF Brussels, made a report about the happening of February 10th 2017:

‘On Friday 10th February, ITF Brussels champions were invited to the Belgium Champions’ Reception organized by the City of Brussels in the Roi Baudouin Stadium. Virginia Dionisi, Mike O’Keeffe, Andreea Musca, Ronja Blondal, Alice Vrinat and Omar El Ferkhani were invited to this event held in the Hall of Fame in Laeken. The competitors received awards from Alain Courtois (Premier Echevin, responsible for sport) for their performances between September 2015 and June 2016. The team had a great time at the reception, which was the last one in Brussels since the school is now training at Sportcity in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Looking forward to celebrate our champions’ accomplishments next year!’


Polish Winter Camp

Report by Nicolas Taylor, student of Samjok-O:

Here is my summary from the Winter Camp.
Back again in Poland for my second Winter Camp. I went again after discussing with friends from abroad and we decided to meet there. As previously, the organization was very good and transfer is organized between Katowice airport and Szczryk.
There were 2 training per day. Although you can decide to skip the morning training and go for skiing instead. This year, contrary to last year, I used that option and took the opportunity to learn snowboarding. It was quite nice.
Most of the training were directed by Master Jedut and were more sparring oriented.
In the evening, there was the possibility to train by yourself or asking for a consultation. Even if the Masters were not always available, you can find easily people ready to help you when you’re practicing your patterns.
Winter Camp is more relaxed than Summer Camp but it’s a nice way to spend holidays. It is also a great opportunity to train with different people and learn new things. Last but not least, it allows to see your Taekwon-do friends.
More likely, next year will be my 3rd time.

European Championships 2017 ITF Taekwon-Do

The 2017 European Championships will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria April 19th-23th 2017.

More details will be uploaded soon, but at this moment we’re already able to present the delegation ITF-Belgium:

Officials: Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Driessche

Umpires: Annick Van Driessche, Eddy Van Damme

Coaches: Bob Wigman, Andreea Musca


  • Andreea Musca: tul female senior IV°degree, senior pre-arranged sparring
  • Leen Walraeve: tul female senior I°degree, senior pre-arranged sparring
  • Roeland Heirbaut : tul male junior I°degree, sparring junior male -68kg

Supporter : Johan Heirbaut



Open INTA Irish Championships

For the 18th time already this championships were organized in Dublin,  with this time over 600 competitors from Ireland,  Scotland, Norway,  Belgium,  USA and Germany.  All coloured belts up to 15 competed on Saturday February 4th, on the 5th all juniors, seniors and black belts competed. ITF-Belgium had umpires, coaches and competitors at the championship from ITF-Brussels and Ge-Baek.


  • Hans Van Lierde: gold power breaking and silver sparring
  • Roeland Heirbaut: gold sparring and bronze tul
  • Anneleen Heirbaut: gold sparring and silver tul
  • Mike O’Keefe: bronze tul and bronze sparring
  • Alice Vrinat: gold tul and gold sparring
  • Omar El Ferkhani: gold sparring and silver tul

Open Dutch Championships 2017

Best, The Netherlands January 29th

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Alice Vrinat: gold sparring
  • Nicolas Taylor: bronze sparring
  • Omar El Ferkhani: bronze tul, bronze sparring
  • Ayoub Rossi: bronze tul, silver sparring
  • Clara Nunez: bronze tul, silver sparring
  • Lola Hinant: silver tul, gold sparring
  • Ludovic Creemers: silver sparring
  • Jarne Van Hamme: bronze sparring
  • Bernd Van Bouwel: bronze sparring
  • Ian Van Bouwel: bronze sparring
  • Lorien Moreels: gold tul, gold sparring
  • Xander Van Hamme: silver sparring
  • Dylan Brand: gold sparring
  • Lance Anckaert: bronze sparring
  • Franck Anicet: bronze sparring