Open Dutch Championships

With over 600 competitors from The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, France, GD Luxemburg, …..

Results members ITF-Belgium :

  • Andreea Musca : gold tul
  • Dimitrios Pavlidis : bronze sparring
  • Ronja Blondal : gold sparring
  • Margeaux Pollefeyt : gold sparring
  • Tabitha Van Lierde : silver sparring
  • Miguel Brito : silver tul
  • Omar El Ferkhani : bronze sparring
  • Claude Duke : gold sparring
  • Matteo Preys : silver sparring

9th National Instructors Course

cropped-logoITFBelgium.pngThe 9th NIC ITF-Belgium, open to all instructors of ITF-Belgium and ITF Luxembourg, was organized in Harelbeke on Sunday December 14th.

Program : the warming-up & stretching was conducted by Yves Pollefeyt, followed by the first tul session of the seminar, Chon-ji up to Choong-moo, condcted by Master Frank Vanberghen.

Afterwards there was a session on testing profies in ITF Taekwon-Do, by Annick Van Driessche.

After lunch break, the second tul session of the day, Kwang-gae up to Choi-yong, again conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen, followed by a short session on sport insurances, also conducted by Annick Van Driessche : how to fill in the forms, the liability of the instructors, and so on. Afterwards there was some time for questions, for discussion, and the certificates were distributed, followed by the last session of the day, tuls Yon-gae to Tong-il, under guidance of Master Frank Vanberghen.