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Master promotion

Lokeren, August 22nd 2020

On Saturday August 22nd Eddy Van Damme did grading for Master 7th degree, under guidance of GrandMaster Lan Ung Kim and GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen. Also Lylian Doulay (France) was promoted to Master during this grading.

The grading consisted of 4 patterns, sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.

ITF-Belgium is very proud to have another Master in Belgium. Congratulations!


Dan gradings ITF-Belgium

July 4th 2020

The first dan gradings of 2020 were supposed to be done March 22nd…and then Covid-19 came….

So the first promotions of this year were postponed to July 4th. The candidates had to wait a bit longer, and the circumstances were not ideal, but they did a great job!

Were promoted:

  • III°degree: Koen Hoerée (Taekwon-Do Club Gent), Amber Dellaert (Taekwon-Do Club Gent)
  • II°degree: Sophie Ardenoy (Ge-Baek), Kevin De Vree (Ge-Baek), Claude Duyck (Duke’s Warriors ITF Taekwon-Do), Kurt Roelandt (So-San), Hans Van Lierde (Ge-Baek)
  • I°degree: Maximilien Boyens (Taekwon-Do Club Gent), Rune Schuddinck (Taekwon-Do Club Gent)

Dangradings ITF-Belgium

Lokeren, October 20th 2019

Candidates that were promoted to a higher degree:


  • Jan Lauwereins (So-San)
  • Daniel Kampff (ITF Woluwe)
  • Marnic Ketels (So-San)


  • Laura Mouret (ITF Brussels)
  • Alice Vrinat (Ge-Baek)
  • Stijn De Grande (Chon-ji)


  • Heidi Bewa (Bushido)
  • Jens Baetselier (So-San)
  • Lucas Deceuster (Bushido)
  • Robin Detry (Bushido)
  • Thibaut De Preter (ITF Ixelles)
  • Alexandre Lemaire (Samjok-O)
  • Kaloyan Hristov (Samjok-O)
  • Darline Verschaete (So-San)
  • Yang Yang (Won-hyo)

New Master in Belgium

During the Open Ghent Cup on Sunday June 2nd 2019 GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen (Belgium) and GrandMaster Brendan O’Toole (Ireland) conducted a Master promotion.

Virginia Dionisi was promoted to Master VII°degree. The grading consisted of tul, step sparring, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.



Dan gradings

Lokeren, March 24th 2019

Members ITF-Belgium that obtained II° degree:

  • Terence Bewa (Bushido)
  • Jérémie Bewa (Bushido)
  • Marco Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne)
  • Bernard Verbeek (Bushido)
  • Jérémy Verbeek (Bushido)

Obtained the I° degree:

  • Béatriz Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne)
  • Elena Marneffe (Bushido)
  • Hyba Saki (Bushido)
  • Amelya Tenniche (Bushido)