Open Barcelona Cup

barcaAbout 400 competitors from Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France & Israel.

Results of the belgian participants :

  • Pablo Pascuzzo : silver sparring senior male black belts -78kg
  • Bram De Corte : bronze tul junior male I°degree
  • Lukas De Groote : bronze sparring junior male black belts +68kg
  • Martin Behar : gold tul senior male coloured belts
  • Sven Bernaerts : bronze sparring senior male coloured belts -69kg
  • Lisa Ghijsens : gold sparring youth female coloured belts +149cm
  • Tabitha Van Lierde : bronze sparring youth female coloured belts +149cm

Open INTA Irish Championships

intaThe INTA hosted their annual Open Irish in Dublin, Saturday January 31st-February 1st 2015, with over 500 competitors from Ireland, Scotland, England and Belgium.

Master Frank Vanberghen, VIII°degree, was present as VIP on Saturday, and as coach on Sunday during the black belt competition.

He was coaching Bram De Corte, who participated in the junior black belt division, one of the competitions in preparation of the World Championships of May.


In tul male I°degree he won the golden medal.

In sparring male -62kg he managed to win the silver medal.

Open Dutch Championships

With over 600 competitors from The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, France, GD Luxemburg, …..

Results members ITF-Belgium :

  • Andreea Musca : gold tul
  • Dimitrios Pavlidis : bronze sparring
  • Ronja Blondal : gold sparring
  • Margeaux Pollefeyt : gold sparring
  • Tabitha Van Lierde : silver sparring
  • Miguel Brito : silver tul
  • Omar El Ferkhani : bronze sparring
  • Claude Duke : gold sparring
  • Matteo Preys : silver sparring