ITF World Cup in Slovenia

Finally, after the event had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic, the ITF World Cup in Koper, Slovenia will take place October 2nd-9th.

The event starts with the ITF Board Meeting on October 2nd. October 3rd the ITF Congress Meeting will take place in the afternoon, followed by the opening ceremony in the evening. The competition starts October 4th.

ITF-Belgium will be represented by 5 schools (Samjok-O, Red Force, ITF Brussels, Hwarang and Ge-Baek), with competitors, coaches, referees, officials and supporters.

Master Eddy Van Damme and Benito Martinez were selected as umpires, Sophie Ardenoy was selected as IT-assistant to the referees. Master Virginia Dionisi and Costel Grigoras will be coaching, just as some of the competitors combining this task with their participation. GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen and Master Annick Van Driessche are officials. Competitors: Wim Vermeir, Hans Van Lierde, Nicolas Taylor, Juan Martinez, Tomas Chacon Torrealba, Kim Vladimir, Thibaut De Preter, Alyssa Mbala, Feriel Teskrat, Nicolas Vertroost and Yoenn Vertroost.

They will be accompagnied by some enthusiastic supporters: Gino Vandervaren, Laurine Chacon Torrealba and Jean-Marc Vertroost.

European Cup 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria June 6-10

ITF-Belgium was represented by 4 members at the championship. As Vice-president of AETF Master Virginia Dionisi was present as representant of the AETF Board. Benito Martinez was on the European Cup as part of the umpire team. Laura Mouret and Kaloyan Hristov were competing, defending the belgian colours.

On Friday June 10th Laura was able to fight her way to the final in sparring -68kg, obtaining the silver medal.