Promotions ITF-Belgium

Dangradings, Sunday September 17th, Lokeren

Were succesfully promoted to a higher degree:


  • Erika Knihti-Van Driessche (Ge-Baek)
  • Wim Vermandere (Ge-Baek)


  • Nico Tunyck (Chon-ji)
  • Nico Van Linter (Chon-ji)


  • Davy Van Asselt (Hodori)
  • Jan Lauwereins (So-San)
  • Anke Bastiaensen (Won-hyo)


  • Milan Burms (Chon-ji)
  • Glenn Maes (Chon-ji)
  • Anneleen Heirbaut (Ge-Baek)
  • Marco Gaspar (Bushido Bastogne ITF Taekwon-Do)
  • Kurt Roelandt (So-San)
  • Claude Duyck (So-San)

Extra training session for dan gradings

Sunday September 3rd there was an extra training session in Destelbergen (Fit-Out Gym) for the candidates trying to promote during the dan gradings of September 17th.

The training session, which took about 2,5 hours, was conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°degree), assisted by Annick Van Driessche (VI°degree) and Stefan Hendrickx (IV°degree).

The participants trained hard and received plenty of feedback. With these details they can still work for 2 weeks.