2017 European Championships

Only one week before the Belgian team will leave for Sofia, Bulgaria where the 2017 ITF Taekwon-Do European Championships will take place (April 18-24).

All information on classes, categories and draws: click here.

  • Officials: Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Driessche
  • Umpires: Annick Van Driessche, Eddy Van Damme
  • Coaches: Bob Wigman, Andreea Musca
  • Competitors: Andreea Musca (tul IV°-VI°degree, pre-arranged sparring), Leen Walraeve (tul I°degree, pre-arranged sparring), Roeland Heirbaut (tul junior I°degree, sparring junior -68kg)

Seminar with GrandMaster Paul Weiler

ITF-Belgium had the honour to welcome GrandMaster Paul Weiler, IX°degree (Germany), Senior Vice-President of the ITF, to conduct a seminar in Lokeren April 1st-2nd. The seminar was open to red and black belts only. Nearly 60 participants subscribed, coming from Belgium, GD Luxembourg, Czech Republic and The Netherlands. It was also an honour that Master Vladimir Machota, VII°degree and 3 of his students from the Czech Republic were present. Master Machota is a real exemple for all Taekwon-Do practitioners.

On Saturday the seminar was covering warming-up & stretching, common mistakes and how to do it correctly, with exercises to stabilize the muscles and some theory, followed by common mistakes in the sine wave, step sparring, hosinsul and patterns from Chon-ji up to Juche. GrandMaster Weiler was the whole time available to answer the many questions, conducting the seminar with a lot of knowledge and dedication, always humble and respectful.

On Sunday the seminar was only open to participants III°degree and above, coverning patterns Sam-il to Tong-il.

The feedback and comments of the participants was very positive.

14th National Instructors Course

The next National Instructors Course will take place in Lokeren, Sunday March 26th, from 10.00 on. As always, the NIC is open to black belts, instructors ITF-Belgium.

On the program on this NIC: warming-up & stretching, tul from Chon-ji up to Tong-il (in 3 separate sessions), amendments in the umpire & tournament rules and questions/discussion.

Snacks and drinks will be provided by the federation.

27th Belgian Championships

The belgian national championships 2017 were held in Jambes Sunday March 19th, in an organization of the club Bushido, under guidance of Patrick Crevecoeur and the ITF-Belgium Umpire & Tournament Committee (Eddy Van Damme, Benito Martinez, Julien Goulard & Kevin Vlaeminck).

196 competitors were subscribed, coming from 13 affiliated schools ITF-Belgium and ITF Luxembourg, competing in tul, teamtul, pre-arranged sparring, sparring, power breaking and special techniques. There were categories for coloured as well as black belts, youth, junior and senior. There was also a category ‘kids sparring’ for children 3 to 7 years old, without contact. The children were judged on their performance. This category was a real success: 30 kids competed on this Belgian Championship. All of them received a gold medal, as all of them are winners.

32 umpires made sure the day went on in a smooth way and all competitors were judged fairly. The numerous coaches and supporters present were happy with it.

Just before lunch break the team members (Andreea Musca, Leen Walraeve, Roeland Heirbaut), selected for the European Championships of next month, were presented. Andreea and Leen gave a demonstration of the pre-arranged sparring they will perform on this EC. The audience loved it.

Also the local television was present, the same evening a very nice report was broadcasted.

Next Belgian Championships, February 2018, will take place in Sint-Lievens-Houtem.

“Photo courtesy of Nadejda Kresnichka-Nikolchova”