ITF-Belgium for charity

Sunday December 3rd Samjok-O, Benito Martinez, Oliver Croon and the ITF-Belgium TUIC organized, with support of ITF-Belgium, the Myosotis Challenge, a championship in tul, teamtul and pre-arranged free sparring for charity: all revenues will be donated to the Alzheimer Liga.

Despite the school exams and the weather conditions, 106 competitors from 12 different clubs participated; 30 referees and 21 coaches made this tournament for charity possible, together with numerous volunteers and with the support of the town of Ottignies/Louvain-la-Neuve.

All results can be found on Sportsdata: click here.

As soon as the total sum to be handed over to the Alzheimer Liga is known, it will be published.

Online championship tul for selection national team

April 5th-17th

The national coaches organized, together with the ITF-Belgium Tournament & Umpire Committee, an online championship in tul for candidates for the national team. This will be one of the criteria, together with e.g. the online training sessions of the last couple of months, for selection for the e-World Championships (September) and the European Championships (hopefully to be organized in November).

Good luck to all participants! Many thanks to the coaches, the TUC and the umpires involved.

‘Mini’ Championship tul for black belts

Please take a look at this message of the national coaches:

Hello everybody,

We have great news:

With the help of the TUC (immense gratitude) we managed to organize a “mini championship” for the persons interested to compete in patterns at the next European Championship. The results of the championship won’t be used to make the selection for the EC. How does it work ? We will need your coordinates : 1. first name 2. last name 3. gender 4. age 5. degree. You can send your inscriptions (last date 01/01/2021) to the next e-mail adress:

From 15/01/2021 (10h) till 16/01/2021 (16h): the competitors should upload the videos via YouTube (Po-eun + Chon-ji). For the setting of the video’s on YouTube, the competitors have to put these on their own channel and send the link to TUC ITF-B Comité Arbitrage et Tournois. So you can choose yourself to make it a private video that only people with a link can watch and if you want you can delete it afterwards. From 16/01/2021 (16h) till 18/01/2021 (16h): the videos will be controlled and send to the referees ; the referees watch the videos and score them. From 19/01/2021: scores will be put in an Excel-file ; competitors can see who won. There are no inscription fees.

Rules? ‘Lighter’ rules as for the normal e-tournament:§ NO personal code must be visible in the video of the competitor, only one (=1) video is needed to send § All hands and feet must stay inside the video frame § The competitor can’t talk in the video (greeting; tul 1; small time in between; tul 2; greeting), name of tul not necessary § No draws, always a winner §Small pools (+ only junior/senior + female/male) in a league-system §Only judging between sjijak and goman §The starting point must be visible on the ground §Umpires can look at the videos as many times as they like, in order to give a detailed and fair judgement; they look at one video at a time so every movement can be registered.

We hope to see you all! In this difficult times we need to stay possitive and NEVER GIVE UP!

Greetings, Master Dionisi Virginia & Sabum Musca Andreea