Dan gradings I°-III°degree

The second dan gradings I°- III°degree ITF-Belgium of 2016 were held Sunday September 18th in Lokeren.

14355661_10207639540770125_8480913081690323204_nCandidates that obtained a higher degree:




III°degree :

  • Erik Van Hoeck (Germinal)

II°degree :

  • Alexia Pagalis (Ge-Baek)
  • Bram De Corte (Ge-Baek)


  • Jérémie Bewa (Bushido)
  • Terence Bewa (Bushido)
  • Kevin De Vree (Ge-Baek)
  • Stijn Degrande (Chon-ji)
  • Margaux Pollefeyt (So-San)
  • Hans Van Lierde (Ge-Baek)
  • Jürgen Van Rossem (Chon-ji)
  • Jérémy Verbeek (Bushido)
  • Bernard Verbeek (Bushido)
  • Arnaud Verschelde (Hodori)
  • Kevin Vlaeminck (Hodori)

Pablo Pascuzzo becomes 4th degree

On Friday March 11th Pablo Pascuzzo did his grading for IV°degree. As he missed the dangradings ITF-Belgium of February, due to an injury, Master Frank Vanberghen proposed him to do the grading in Barcelona, the day before the Open Barcelona Cup. Master Vanberghen was asked to conduct the promotion of Nicolas Fagon (ITF France) to 5th degree, so it was a good opportunity to combine both gradings.

Master Vanberghen asked Pablo to perform tul (Sam-il, Yoo-sin, Choi-yong and Po-eun), sambo-ibo-ilbo matsogi, hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques and theory.


Dan gradings ITF-Belgium


On this Sunday, September 20th, 9 candidates succeeded in their dan grading :

III°degree : Benito Martinez (Samjok-O)

II°degree : Marnic Ketels (So-San), Esther Meulemeester (Ge-Baek), Orchana De Corte (Ge-Baek)

I°degree : Luka Tjampens (Chon-ji), Leen Walraeve (So-San), Martin Behar (ITF Etterbeek), Jan Lauwereins (So-San), Steven de Schrijver (Won-hyo)

Gradings 6th degree

6thdegreeOn May 24th Edwin and Ron van der Lee (The Netherlands) did grading for VI°degree in the dojang of Ge-Baek in Lokeren. They were accompagnied by their father, Sabum Art van der Lee (VI°degree).

The grading was conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°degree).

Both of them did a very good performance.

The grading consisted of tul (So-San & Se-Jong), stepsparring (sambo, ibo, ilbo matsogi), hosinsul, sparring, breaking techniques (4 each) and theory.