Trail training national team

The second trial training 2018 for the national team will take place in Woluwe, Sunday November 4th, 10.00-13.00h. The trials are open to all members ITF-Belgium as from 4th kup on, who want to join the Belgian team on short or longer term and who send in the information form.

After these trials the selection for the 2019 World Championships in Germany will be announced.

For the 2019 European Championships in October new trial trainings will be organized.


Day of Taekwon-Do

On Sunday October 21st the second ITF-Belgium Day of Taekwon-Do & Kids Day of 2018 was held in the ADEPS Sports complex in Jambes.  With 169 participants & 13 instructors a new record was set.

On the Kids Day the youngest members had classes for 1,5 hour, with Esther Meulemeester (III°degree), Nico Tunyck (III°degree) and Margaux Pollefeyt (II°degree) as instructors.

The Day of Taekwon-Do started at 10.00 and ended at 13.30, with a general warming-up and cooling-down by Tomas Chacon (II°degree). Afterward the group was divided in subgroups, depending on age and grade, with tul, hosinsul, sparring and powerbreaking & special techniques. Instructors were Master Annick Van Driessche (VII°degree), Eddy Van Damme (VI°degree), Virginia Dionisi (VI°degree), Yves Pollefeyt (VI°degree), Patrick Crevecoeur (V°degree), Bob Wigman (V°degree), Tom Van De Sijpe (IV°degree) and Wim Vermandere (IV°degree).

Meanwhile some of the black belt instructors present had an individual tul session with Grand Master Frank Vanberghen (IX°degree).

At the end of the seminar, all participants received a certificate of participation.


11th International Harmony Course in Italy

Report by Sabum Virginia Dionisi:

The 11th ITF Harmony Course was held on 13th and 14th of October in Buccinasco (Milan area), Italy. The Harmony course is the specific program that ITF designed together with a team of professionals to teach Taekwon-Do to seniors. The Course was organized by FITAE (the Italian Federation), GM Bos and Master Saccomanno, and was conducted by Sabum Gastón Casero.

Participants from Italy, Norway, Switzerland, France and Belgium were present. There was a special guest from Scotland, 79 years old that practices Taekwon-Do in Spain and who came specially for the course. On Sunday there were also senior helpers that came to take part in an Harmony class. The course was well structured and theoretical sessions were alternated with practical ones. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss, share knowledge and ideas.

On Saturday evening there was a very nice banquet where we celebrated the course and the 25th years of the school of Master Saccomanno. It was emotional and fun as well.

I really recommend this course. In addition of the practical and technical part, it offers room to generate debate and to understand Taekwon-Do in a different way.


Battle of Utrecht

Utrecht, The Netherlands Sunday October 7th.

Results members ITF-Belgium:

  • Matteo Preys: bronze tul youth I°degree
  • Emile Osteux: gold sparring junior coloured belts
  • Bo Wauters: bronze tul, silver sparring youth coloured belts
  • Els Vernimmen: silver tul, silver sparring senior coloured belts
  • Mohamed Souna Souley: bronze sparring, gold special techniques youth coloured belts
  • Altan Rinchinov: silver tul, gold sparring junior coloured belts
  • Rune Schuddinck: bronze tul, bronze sparring junior coloured belts
  • Akshan Myumyunov: bronze tul senior I°degree
  • Maximilien Boyens: silver tul senior coloured belts