IIC in Finland

Report by Alice Vrinat.

On November 16 and 17 2019 Sabum Hans Rombaut and I participated to the 146th IIC held in Espoo, Finland, which gathered 144 practitionners from 12 different countries. The organising club, Espoo Taekwon-Do club, also celebrated their 30th anniversary that weekend. The technical committee members, Grand Masters Hector Marano 9th degree, Kim Ung Lan 9th degree and for the first time ever Master Jerzy Jedut 8th degree, conducted the courses. They consisted in patterns from Chon-Ji to Ge Baek, footwork and sparring drills, and step sparring the first day. The second day began with self-defense and patterns of II Dan. The 2nd degrees then joined the 1st degrees with theory questions, fundamental movements and sparring drills while senior degrees went on until Tong Il. Thank you to Sabum Teppo Häyrynen and Sabum Veera Häyrynen who organized a really successful IIC and gave us a very warm welcome.


Bushido Challenge Cup

Jambes, Sunday November 17th 2019

With 189 participants in tul, sparring and kids sparring, 37 umpires, 6 IT assistants and 38 coaches. The championship was open to coloured and black belts.

For the first time in Belgium the ITF electronical system was used on all rings. Many thanks to the U&T Committee ITF-Belgium and Master Harry Vones for the implementation of this sytem.

The championship was organised by Patrick Crevecoeur and his team from Bushido.

All results on Sportsdata.


Contest 30th anniversary ITF-Belgium

In 2020 ITF-Belgium will exist for 30 years (1990-2020). To celebrate this we’re having a contest open to all members ITF-Belgium: design a logo for this celebration. The logo will not replace the existing logo, but it will be used together with this image, on the website, on publications and so on.

Designs can be send to taekwondo1@telenet.be December 31st 2019 latest. The logo will be presented at the Annual Congress Meeting of January 19th 2020. The winner will be notified afterwards. He/she will receive a Mighty Fist Matrix dobok.

Note: in 2020 also the 65th anniversary of the name Taekwon-Do will be celebrated.